Friday, April 11, 2014

Jeb Bush Is Not A Dynasty Member, He Will Be Another Candidate Running

As a Republican since a child in the New York City beleaguered school system, I am very excited about the prospect of Jeb Bush as a presidential candidate. I do not think that there will emerge a subliminal message in voter's minds that relates to any "Bush Dynasty" nor memories of either President in the past.

Jeb Bush will be thought of naturally as a comparison to whoever his Democrat rival is and I do not bet on Hillary. First and foremost Jeb Bush will be thought of by voters as a moderate Republican candidate, compassionate and eager for immigration reform and educational improvement and innovation. He has a staid and steadfast (Read Moby Dick) personality and demeanor and appears to be an on the job individual which America desperately requires.

I firmly believe that Jeb Bush is the only Republican that can win the White House should he decide to run which would be a service of utmost value to  his country. He is presidential timber as they used to say in a media that puts an ersatz Jack Parr to star in the most cherished slot in Late Night television.

The purpose of my blog is not to compel you to push Jeb Bush into the presidency but rather to help you to do the right thing and consider him for his personal agenda and demeanor. The dynasty in an interesting way with Jeb Bush is effectively over and a new America  is possible if the Republicans reinvent themselves, come up with some sound and viable solutions and nominate the one man who can sweep big.

Jay Adler
Freelance Writing

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