Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hillary Clinton Is It For 2016

Hillary Is It For 2016

What are we doing? We are corona-ting Hillary Clinton as our next President of  election 2016 whereas a salesman who would have started at $50,000 dollars ten years ago, now may get offered $12/hr plus commission only to get laid off two weeks later for non-production. You have heard it said that Hillary is Obama in a dress. Add the fact that she does not drive, is another lawyer striving to be President and currently is engrossed in what appears to be an unsolvable mystery. In addition to the health care woes we now face at this moment, Hillary once offered us another unworkable plan.

The focal point of my blog is surprisingly not to dis Hillary as a candidate but to for instance cite a Washington Post article I read  this AM where Hillary "trounces" and has a commanding lead over  everyone in shoe leather according to polls taken in January 2014. We do not even know how Hillary's appearance will effect her chances two years from now because looks do count (1961). The only poll that does matter is the one in the booth in 2016 and we are ways a way even now from the nominating process.

My central point is this, win the lottery first, guess the trifecta at Belmont, hit a number depending where you like to place your bets; and then come back to me with political tips for the the  2016 race.

Jay Adler
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