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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The sequester blues is upon us. So many Americans going out and about do not understand it nor choose to deal with it. We the American people are hearing abject and dismal predictions for cut backs but we are not seeing them immediately. Does this mean that we should put frequent sadness and hopelessness aside? Not on your life. It is a slow trickle down effect as we are absolutely hearing of furloughs and layoffs and cut backs on tourist attractions, private and public sectors following suit. Strong arming and scary predictions are not just pie in the sky, they are wake up to reality issues. Jobs are scarce but in addition they are not keeping up with the costs of living even on a farm in Alabama. Employers are milking the bad news by overworking those that can land a position.

Today you work until you drop and do not dare to sass your boss or a partner in the business or you will be out of a job like gas in the wind. 

Also, keep the word "vacation" out of the mix when you are on a job interview.

Jay Adler
Freelance Writing


Jeb VS Hillary A First Round KO

I have been a Republican for life and there is no doubt that I will vote for Jeb Bush under any condition, even if he commits a plethora of unbridled gaffes; Hillary had a few bad ones in 2008. I am tired of high profile lawyers in politics anyway. My father was one and I got tired of him putting me on cross as a kid every time I sneaked out of the house to do whatever on Broadway and 97th street.

Jeb makes a 100% better physical presentation than Hillary (examples are Kennedy in 1961 and elder Bush vs Dukakis in 1988 standing at the lectern). If you believe in a Silent Majority, watch for massive numbers of them turning out in 2014 and 2016. Healthcare will be the primary issue and then lack of quality jobs (I have two only because I look good, dress well, speak well and have years of hard hitting experience).

Lastly, a KO for Bush simply because Americans have had it up to here and it is as the old wag put it on the corner, a time for a change.

Jay Adler
Freelance Writing

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jeb Bush Is Not A Dynasty Member, He Will Be Another Candidate Running

As a Republican since a child in the New York City beleaguered school system, I am very excited about the prospect of Jeb Bush as a presidential candidate. I do not think that there will emerge a subliminal message in voter's minds that relates to any "Bush Dynasty" nor memories of either President in the past.

Jeb Bush will be thought of naturally as a comparison to whoever his Democrat rival is and I do not bet on Hillary. First and foremost Jeb Bush will be thought of by voters as a moderate Republican candidate, compassionate and eager for immigration reform and educational improvement and innovation. He has a staid and steadfast (Read Moby Dick) personality and demeanor and appears to be an on the job individual which America desperately requires.

I firmly believe that Jeb Bush is the only Republican that can win the White House should he decide to run which would be a service of utmost value to  his country. He is presidential timber as they used to say in a media that puts an ersatz Jack Parr to star in the most cherished slot in Late Night television.

The purpose of my blog is not to compel you to push Jeb Bush into the presidency but rather to help you to do the right thing and consider him for his personal agenda and demeanor. The dynasty in an interesting way with Jeb Bush is effectively over and a new America  is possible if the Republicans reinvent themselves, come up with some sound and viable solutions and nominate the one man who can sweep big.

Jay Adler
Freelance Writing

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hillary Clinton Is It For 2016

Hillary Is It For 2016

What are we doing? We are corona-ting Hillary Clinton as our next President of  election 2016 whereas a salesman who would have started at $50,000 dollars ten years ago, now may get offered $12/hr plus commission only to get laid off two weeks later for non-production. You have heard it said that Hillary is Obama in a dress. Add the fact that she does not drive, is another lawyer striving to be President and currently is engrossed in what appears to be an unsolvable mystery. In addition to the health care woes we now face at this moment, Hillary once offered us another unworkable plan.

The focal point of my blog is surprisingly not to dis Hillary as a candidate but to for instance cite a Washington Post article I read  this AM where Hillary "trounces" and has a commanding lead over  everyone in shoe leather according to polls taken in January 2014. We do not even know how Hillary's appearance will effect her chances two years from now because looks do count (1961). The only poll that does matter is the one in the booth in 2016 and we are ways a way even now from the nominating process.

My central point is this, win the lottery first, guess the trifecta at Belmont, hit a number depending where you like to place your bets; and then come back to me with political tips for the the  2016 race.

Jay Adler
Freelance Writing

Sunday, December 15, 2013

What It Is To Misspeak In America

Megyn Kelly, the new star on Broadway on Fox has come under fire just now for making comments about the ethnicity of Santa Claus. I believe that the media and various and sundry advocacy groups should leave Ms. Kelly alone but not for the reasons that you may think. Firstly, Megyn Kelly must be under a tremendous amount of pressure. She has been promoted on Fox to a Cadillac time slot and a few days ago appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Maybe she misspoke. It is obvious at least to me that it was not a good subject to bring up in these troubling times. Perhaps her producers did not foresee the backlash or thinking out loud it could have been an extemporaneous hole digging. Whatever the case she seems like a good person and did not mean any harm. After all, look at all the misspeaks and sex scandals we allow our politicians to get away with and they still go back to their desks shortly. What Megyn said should have been exited from any media script but served as chump change compared to what else we have experienced lately.

Jay Adler
Freelance Writing

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Repairing Your Major Appliances in a Troubled Economy

Recently I purchased a dryer from a major distributor here in Long Island , New York. In the store, everything was hunky dory, a veritable Nirvana of promises and assurances that my dryer would be a pleasure to own. After two service calls, the dryer is not in working  order. When I telephone the store, they deflect to the biggest company in the world that services the unit and imports it.
The conglomerate gives a time frame of 1 pm to 5 pm to repair the dryer so either my wife or myself (I work two jobs) has to take off work to wait for the repair man who botched the last visit. Neither of us can now go to our mad as hell bosses and ask for more time off.

I am a stockholder in the conglomerate; as such I was able to telephone the Chairman's office to complain and request a later appointment or  a Saturday. They also may be able to arrange a third party to fix the machine and accommodate us. They were super nice and polite but it is still  1 pm-5 pm weekdays only. The more things  change the more things remain the same.

The timer is shot for the second time so the dryer dial is stuck and will not turn off, creating s fire hazard. So in this economy and a confused Obama care and fighting to survive whereas our health care is in doubt have to now jeopardize our livelihoods and possibly our homes because a dryer cannot be fixed in a service call performed by the biggest company in the world. I will still buy their stock because I want to make money.

Bosses in 2013 are unrelenting. They know they have you over a barrel. Long hours and yelling. If we describe this situation to either of our employers we could be looking for a job in this economy. What do we do?

Jay Adler Comment

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Obama care

In all our lives and hopefully for not too much longer this is not the time for anyone to get seriously ill.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Get a Job, a Golden Oldie

Today, getting a job is a golden oldie. I remember in the seventies, I could get a $20,000 job in a half hour interview by cold calling a building. Today, they do not let you into those skyscrapers so easy. In person visits were actually better because it was face to face, in person. Today you have to sit on your laptop, take psychological testing and spill your guts on the keyboard and get no response. If you unit freezes, go back to the beginning.

Cities are going bankrupt all over America. How are young and eager college grads in these cities supposed to land a decent job when newsreels show the devastation where they reside. My daughter graduated at the top of her class and she is hard pressed to find a job at a fast food joint. So what is creating jobs when people are not trained and have no experience in that particular field. We should erect small four story mini colleges wherever we can especially in the inner cities where unemployment is rampant. Hire ex teachers and business people or even retired business execs who will teach at a reasonable rate. How many people between 21 and 30 do you know can land a $50K job in less than a year. Resumes are hitting tin cans like lemmings over a cliff. Interns do not get paid and assured of anything in the future.

We have to cut the fraud and the waste and start training people quickly and stop waiting for the Harold Pinter economy to recover on its own. We are kicking a sad can down the road and I believe the job situation is worse than what is portrayed on the media and in the political arena.

Jay Adler
Freelance Writing