Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Where is the racism among senior citizens in America?

I was  totally and irrevocably lost driving in the torrential rain in Eastern Long Island yesterday. My wife of thirty four years had sent me on a expedition to get XMAS food miles away from our home. Long Island is just like California, you cannot get directions from anyone. No matter who you ask where to go, even a gas station, they are dumfounded and dismissive.

I walked into a gas station the same time as a tall, Afro American man was buying a newspaper. I held the door to the convenience store of the gas station for him in an instinctive manner. We are both from the same generation and besides, I grew up in New York City, Upper Manhattan. When we got inside I calmly asked him if he lived around there. He said yes and I asked him for my destination. We walked out together and this man in the pouring rain had me follow him to the German deli. We waved to each other and I am eternally grateful to him because my wife would have excoriated me to the end of the Holidays if I came back empty. Senior citizens stick together.

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