Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Worst Position Your Family Could Be In

When the bedroom door breaks. It happened to us, the door went out of line and hit the molding instead of the catch on the other side. The real problem is convincing someone to come out for a "small job". Of course you know that as a running theme, skilled labor will do nothing for $50.00. As a group, workers want 3 doors, 10 windows or clean all the carpet or forget about it. We all commiserate with these guys, we would not want to bring home a minuscule pay check either.When I was a kid they used to say no job too small. Not in the 21 century. You can get any quantity at the blue chip home improvement stores but you will pay and you will wait. What happened to the little old white haired cobbler down the block who got the job done quickly and reasonably. The other thing is that certainly if you are married  or have a significant other, this is the worst door in your house to go.It took me two days, although I mangled the door a little, installed new hinges and a new catch lock, I can close the door as long as I push it closed on the bottom with my foot. My wife says  the sound when I close it scares the dog.

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