Thursday, May 10, 2012

Please do not use gays as political pawns

This story about Mitt Romney antagonizing a gay kid in a schoolyard 50 years ago is not only a stereotype of gays as weak effeminate victims of bullies but is also way down on our list of priorities when you consider that there are no decent jobs and people losing their homes. When I walk around the Village in New York, I see many powerful , strong gays that could probably take a pro boxer. It is simply a myth that all gays are weak and subject to ridicule. I will  tell you what this is about.  First of all the language of this political story uses the word presumed to describe the alleged gay victim. Presumed is not a good word to use when you want to be sure about something. I think the Democratic Party, offering this kind of information is leading with the chin. I believe they are frightened of losing in November to Romney, the man they are nickle and dimming because they only have school yard 50 year old memories to work with.

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