Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Do as I say not as do

After today's stunning events where Obama made what amounted to a total reversal on gay rights after years of standing solid, as a Republican I would rightfully request that our opposition now refrain from beating the drums on Romney for changing positions. I personally will examine any such bills in New York and after reading such bill, cast my vote for or against such proposed  legislation.
I am in no way opposed to equal rights, as a Freelance Internet Writer my goal is to look at politics and candidates in a clinical respect. In this case the two candidates are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Who has a better chance of losing ground with this new set of particulars. In my view it would be Obama, not presented in a partisan lock. Judging sentiment on gay marriage is difficult. Most pundits feel the nation is split 50-50 on this subject. Remember that many states have rejected it and inherently, gay marriage over the years has been controversial. So, Obama builds the left but also alienates those that don't like politicians changing their minds for political reasons. Finally, the Democrats have lost forever what was an effective tool against Romney, changing positions.

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