Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do you want a guy who is broke and in debt in the The White House?

Let me confess something to you, I have always wanted to make billions in my life. Never quite did that but I am still trying and proud of it. When I was a boy I went  on a deep sea fishing trip out of Captree , Long  Island on a party boat with my Dad. I took that hook and put a pound of squid on it. The first mate ran over and said, hey kid why are you using all that bait , we are going for fluke. My dad said, my boy doesn't want to catch a fluke, he wants to catch a whale.

I support Mitt Romney, because he had the business talent to make a lot of money and be successful. So he is not a Jan Murray, so what, he will be elected in 2012 to restore our economy and bring world order, all of  which we have lost. Speaking of Obama, he is no piker for those of you who play that 1% game which is also known as class warfare. I read yesterday that Obama is worth 7.1 million so no lunch with him at the coffee shop for you. Mitt Romney will do no stand up at the improv, is very wealthy but you know we are going to go along with him to a better lifestyle because he is the type of businessman that can accomplish  just that.

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  1. You have to shoot for the movers and the shakers when in the bind this country is in. We need a President like Mitt Romney who will make things happen rather than let or watch things happen.One opponent reminds me of the manager of the appliance department at Sears.