Friday, June 29, 2012

It's a Fix

When we were 18 living on the West Side of Manhattan off the Hudson River, we would ride up on a snowy night to the trotters at Yonkers Raceway which was up in Westchester County. We had a grand old time at the trotters but one night stands out. The drivers in our neck of the tri state area were sort like celebrities in their own right. One night was different. The fans not seating in the clubhouse but rather in the grandstands clearly and affirmatively overheard a few of the drivers having conversations with each other on the far turn going into the Finish Line. That's a no no all racing fans realize but hey they probably would have lost their bets anyway.  Suddenly a chant arose from the grandstands "It's fix, it's a fix, it's a fix". I don't think anything came of this other then noise galore. Still being street wise and being able to spot the fix is not a bad talent to have.

Jay Adler Comment

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