Sunday, July 15, 2012

What is a secret account in Bermuda


I am just a small investor since 1991 on my laptop or the phone in person to discount broker. I worked as a Licensed NYS Real Estate Broker for 20 years so have a credible background, Bear with me I have a mouse acting up.What is a "secret" investment" in Bermuda, I am a blogger supporting Mitt Romney which means any dart thrown at him is something I believe should be clarified. I worked for an SEC Law firm from 1968 to 1972 must tell you I had office duties, my dad owned a criminal law firm on 57Street and Park Avenue.I have been employed in the investigative division of Pinkerton Inc in the Garment Center, 38th Street and 8th and I hear that this iconic firm has recently merged with Burns International Security Service i was working in guards and investigation there in 1979, I would continue to Honeywell alarm division in Long Island City eventually to politics and local government. With my writing service on the Internet I just observe and report. I have always have done that when I was employed by the admired companies above. I am glad that I did not make the charge which was consummated by law enforcement. Now the credibility to ask is over. Any income from investments is termed unearned income but a citizen subject to taxation must pay it and it must be reported.  0f course, no War and Peace there has existed some launderers, washers and stashes in safes.To me this is wild when considering Mitt Romney. I was always taught don't yell unless you have to. Remember I know nothing about this just observe and report. I have never heard about the word secret tied to investments in Bermuda and besides millions of Americans invest in countries around the globe.I would hope that this is explained in full, investing sometimes can be nerve wracking. Under the mattress is. So again  secret investment (mouse again)someone please expand.

Note: We have computers crash last week and a critical Smartphone lost so no Insurance claim needed as we retrieved that. Please notify by comment any inaccuracies.