Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15, 2012

If you like a nice friendly deli on Jerusalem Avenue off Washington on the Seaford Line the most gratifying event happened this afternoon to me as I ordered my family's dinner. There was a delay because their credit card machine froze and they were unable to complete my transaction. Now since I have , radio and television especially in view of my blogs well displayed on the Internet in television, there have been many occasions when passersby say Hi Jay or similar. A gentleman did just that on the way into the. store. I am too old to get on a bullhorn on this and as a matter of fact the part I love is to remain and talk to the individual relative to the work I do. Get this, In walks two younger women accompanied by a young fashionably dressed Chinese gentleman all seemingly suited for Fifth Avenue. You won't believe this, while the clerk fixed the machine, they nodded in a familiar comparison You know it is gratifying and I am thankful that for opportunity that the wonderful webmasters, shopping site and political blog sites,and America's preferred search engine. These are the look me in the eyes people that got me this far. 

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