Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Israel Diary: Hyper-Alert Security Guards, Hyper-Creative Tech Geeks, and an Upcoming Interview with President Peres

Arianna: Congratulations on being high profile to the extent that you are so accepted in diplomatic circles in Israel as a journalist and political scientist. You listed the nuclear program in Iran as just one of many issues implicating the elusive peace that consistently evades us in the Mid-East. It appears that we are too close to the wire on resolving this ominous repercussion laden story line. While it appears that neither the Obama or administration or the Jewish State have taken any public and forceful actions to stop the program. We have to be fair. No one knows the status of behind the scenes negotiation. I am sure that America and/or Israel would never disclose retaliatory or preemptive planning.The fact that by necessity and design information is classified putting all us are in the position of whistling Dixie most of the time. I do not thing Obama is dragging his feet on this,
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