Tuesday, August 25, 2009

James Pinkerton Snags Howard Dean in a Blunder

Take a look at the world renowned journalist latest commentary under Serious Medicine where the newsman points to Howard Dean' inventive yet duplicitous account of Winston Churchill being the forebearer of the British Health Care System. He clearly was not. Why would Dean bring this up? Never refer to a negative argument against a public plan if you are selling it which is the one in shambles in England. He will never live down that banshee yell which deflated him somewhat. Unlike what we were assured would not happen, Obama and the Democrats are going to commence their own surge of organizing for the public option. I think that they better bone up on historical finger pointing and when they get to their halls be prepared for great resistance. Remember, 85% of Americans never thought of this whole issue until the left brought it up. We remain in good health.

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  1. Things White House are beginning to frighten the average American however as a freelance writer packing readers I must observe and report in an unwavering disposition. When they say they want to have the ability to shut off the Internet for all of us, how will they they accomplish this? I am certainly no IT man but as a guess would they disable the consumer servers that bring in our signals? Would this enable them to either remote our hard drives like our vendors do all the way from India? The question follows whether they would retain the ability to moderate us as any major web site can do? We will just have to wait and see without being advised, per usual. Next we have Obama lecturing our school kids from some kind of sound system and then have them write about his agenda and how they can help him. Why do they have to help him? First he wanted the kids to have early sex education, now it is a stump speech. I forgot the name of that famous book about the kids shuffling down the hill with glowing eyes. I would not let them write anything down, the way things are going it will follow them through life. For God sakes, these are little children, why are they being lassoed like this? Why is Dr.Kevorkian all over the air waves again? Why are odd people being hired to handle major responsibilities?