Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hillary Is Like a Time Machine Going Back

Has this nation gone mad? Our next president could conceivably be just like the last one and our problems may worsen if that is possible. If Hillary was going for my job or company, she could not pass a simple background check. Additionally, do you want a grandmother in her seventies fighting a potential nuclear war? It's all over now Baby Blue. What if she puts guns and sharp swords in the hands of little children? Dylan mentioned these.

Forget my literate perception and look at the facts, scandal upon scandal upon a big loss in a previous contest. A gender only candidate with small and peculiarly displayed accomplishments. I would not bring Tammany Hall to the WH. Then there is the email obfuscation issue. Bottom line, if you fully enjoy the renderings of the current administration, vote for your royal highness. That brings me to another point, how come Romney was so deprecated for his wealth and we do not hear that about Hillary?

I do not know who will be our next president now that Jeb Bush is faltering but I do believe even as a moderately thinking voter myself that this country will go by the elephants in 2016.

Jay Adler
Freelance Writing

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  1. Like Hillary is the best judge and purveyor of the middle class she apparently hangs with.