Friday, July 4, 2014

Selling Your Stock Now

I made a comment on a major stock and bond site that I contribute to about selling my Dow component which I had saved for a second retirement. I  think I did the right thing for my family With all the troubles and calamities we see in the news, I  figure the bubble at 17,000 has got to burst. The polls do not hold promise.

I parked the money in a money market account and will buy the stock back at the low when it comes without losing a dime as of today. Remember this as I have said, I am not timing anything but at 63 years old, there is no dress rehearsal in life.From the former television personality, The Street Economist.

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  1. I now think even more strongly that my market predictions have been nothing more than something around the bend. 7/17/2014. I just took profits in a mutual fund; better in my pocket.