Thursday, November 28, 2013

Repairing Your Major Appliances in a Troubled Economy

Recently I purchased a dryer from a major distributor here in Long Island , New York. In the store, everything was hunky dory, a veritable Nirvana of promises and assurances that my dryer would be a pleasure to own. After two service calls, the dryer is not in working  order. When I telephone the store, they deflect to the biggest company in the world that services the unit and imports it.
The conglomerate gives a time frame of 1 pm to 5 pm to repair the dryer so either my wife or myself (I work two jobs) has to take off work to wait for the repair man who botched the last visit. Neither of us can now go to our mad as hell bosses and ask for more time off.

I am a stockholder in the conglomerate; as such I was able to telephone the Chairman's office to complain and request a later appointment or  a Saturday. They also may be able to arrange a third party to fix the machine and accommodate us. They were super nice and polite but it is still  1 pm-5 pm weekdays only. The more things  change the more things remain the same.

The timer is shot for the second time so the dryer dial is stuck and will not turn off, creating s fire hazard. So in this economy and a confused Obama care and fighting to survive whereas our health care is in doubt have to now jeopardize our livelihoods and possibly our homes because a dryer cannot be fixed in a service call performed by the biggest company in the world. I will still buy their stock because I want to make money.

Bosses in 2013 are unrelenting. They know they have you over a barrel. Long hours and yelling. If we describe this situation to either of our employers we could be looking for a job in this economy. What do we do?

Jay Adler Comment


  1. Update: Now the circuit board is out and Thursday will be my third repair visit. Additionally the dryer exudes 0 heat and suddenly. I may as well quit my job and stay at home to wait for appliance repair.

  2. Update: Another service call for a new dryer. It is hopeless for the winter. The repairman says it will not work in the cold weather. We will now have to go to a laundromat until April.We never had this problem when dryers were made in this country. I not understand, the dryer is next to the boiler. I paid $700 to the supplier and now I have to spend much more to haul off to the store with my wet clothes.

  3. Finally, the dryer has been fixed but my cat stepped on the vent going into the back yard. That I am good at fixing. Many thanks ultimately to the huge supplier and the biggest country in the world.

  4. Finally the dryer is fixed but one of my cats stepped on the vent and ruined it as he went to go into the backyard. That calamity is a repair I can fix and replace quickly.

  5. The dryer is down big time again (7/14/2014).

  6. The dryer is fixed, the guy was really nice and the conglomerate was very accommodating. I heard yesterday that their appliance division is up for sale.7/17/2014

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