Monday, August 12, 2013

Get a Job, a Golden Oldie

Today, getting a job is a golden oldie. I remember in the seventies, I could get a $20,000 job in a half hour interview by cold calling a building. Today, they do not let you into those skyscrapers so easy. In person visits were actually better because it was face to face, in person. Today you have to sit on your laptop, take psychological testing and spill your guts on the keyboard and get no response. If you unit freezes, go back to the beginning.

Cities are going bankrupt all over America. How are young and eager college grads in these cities supposed to land a decent job when newsreels show the devastation where they reside. My daughter graduated at the top of her class and she is hard pressed to find a job at a fast food joint. So what is creating jobs when people are not trained and have no experience in that particular field. We should erect small four story mini colleges wherever we can especially in the inner cities where unemployment is rampant. Hire ex teachers and business people or even retired business execs who will teach at a reasonable rate. How many people between 21 and 30 do you know can land a $50K job in less than a year. Resumes are hitting tin cans like lemmings over a cliff. Interns do not get paid and assured of anything in the future.

We have to cut the fraud and the waste and start training people quickly and stop waiting for the Harold Pinter economy to recover on its own. We are kicking a sad can down the road and I believe the job situation is worse than what is portrayed on the media and in the political arena.

Jay Adler
Freelance Writing

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