Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss Still Touchy Subject for Pop Sensation

Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss Still Touchy Subject for Pop Sensation: Kelly Clarkson has never been “Stronger.” The 30-year-old pop singer is this summer’s favorite magazine cover girl, sporting a new sleek, toned figure after reportedly dropping 30 pounds. But weight, something Clarkson has struggled with for years, remains a touchy subject for the pop star....

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  1. Kelly Clarkson I think is one of the few Idols that made it over the wall into a sound career. She is just like me, a flair for good music and being through it and street wise. You have to struggle in the music industry, that is part of being good later when you are there. I saw Kool and the Gang tonight performing. Yes they are my age but man they have not lost a beat. About my idea of picking from the oldie set and doing a late night concert show, no judges needed.Eddie Money is still knocking them dead and so is Johnny Mathis and Stevie Nicks.Maybe Carol King could stop by and bring James Taylor. Remember the Midnight Special?