Friday, July 6, 2012



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  1. My wife was cured of two different cancers ten years apart. Just when you think it is over. Because I got to keep our plan as is promised currently and repeated by Obama many times, we were covered and she received the best treatment and hospital for surgery and will be checked every 3 month.I do not want something inexpensive or affordable for my loved ones, I want comfortable and the best.

    1. Today which is I think about two years since my wife came down with the second cancer, she has been back to work as a school assistant kitchen worker and she looks as good as the day we married 31 years ago.Maybe I should clarify the word "cured". It is all semantic because I don't think any disease today can be cured in a final rendering. As in every individual's case submerged and "arresting a disease" amounts to the same thing.