Monday, December 5, 2011

Jay Adler-Freelance Writing-Where is the GOP Going?

As a life long Republican the Path to the White House for me seemed more assured two months ago then it does today.It is not so much that I doubt that the GOP will emerge victorious in 2012 against the faulty record of the Obama Administration, it is specifically my fear that by all means we should never enable a third party candidate but perhaps it may be prudent to bring out a savior candidate, one that can beat Obama. Mitt Romney seems to be recently fading in ways that might not be related exclusively to opinion polls. He lost his temper with a Fox interviewer ostensibly because he is growing weary of the Romney care questions. When I see him now, he appears to be quiet and reserved and though Iowa caucus is an unknown conclusion in many ways, you have to wonder why he is dropping in the polls. Newt Gingrich I don't think can beat what we think is a debate losing,failed President. Look, Obama is a Harvard lawyer, I do not think he necessarily is a pushover at any debate. Newt's problem in beating Obama is that he appears to be an older gent connected with past administrations. His extemporaneousness in offering quick solutions in front of the Press is risky.The key with Obama is that like any Republican,I don't think he has done well. Obama's, supporters have arguments that say he has done well or on his way. They still like him. Get Rubio, Connie Mack, someone youthful, smart and aggressive. The more the current slate continues we may be in for the shock of 4 more years.

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