Friday, December 18, 2009

American Idol Is On Shaky Ground

My first comments on the Internet were in 2005 sometime before I founded Freelance Writing, currently widely displayed on the web as political, music, stock and product reviewers and critics. Those initial remarks posted on prominent web sites concerned my feelings that American Idol was beginning to format the industry into a diminishing state whereas the amateurs were being placed in a viewpoint of overstated value. This affected a 21 century music industry that could not come close to even decade 70's. In the 70's we had Dionne Warwick, Rita Coolidge, Anne Murray, Karen Carpenter, Wings,Barry White, Boston, James Taylor and so many verified and proven professional artists while today although we do have singer songwriters that are astounding like Norah Jones, Counting Crows, the Fray, Dave Matthews, Sheryl Crow and Steve Poltz, I still say that if you are a session guitarist with  great vocals and you are in a legitimate band you go to an arena and excite the fans, you do not need three clowns or jesters to judge you. For me with all the hype of finding the next Bod Dylan, we are amazed that Bob's son and his Wallflowers adult alternative band were very much ahead of any wannabe ever appearing on Idol. I know they are leaving, the amateur hour people, because Paula left (she plays dumb but she is a shrewd businesswoman) and Simon has prepared us for his departure. The A&R people will start to bring out some professional talent and if you go back to my dozens of blogs on this subject, I am confident that you will understand why a new concert hour at a late night slot will replace Idol even if oldies acts come on. I humbly suggest that the iconic acts drop their price and ego and be part of a new Midnight Special, a new day for professionalism in music on network television. Carrie and Kelly are pros and of course would be highlighted on the first night.

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